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So much of the process of recording history revolves around ephemera, the little snapshots of everyday life that paint a picture of what living in a time or place were really like. This is why historians and archeologists are so fascinated by attics and middens, they are frozen moments in life. The New Milford Historical Society & Museum collects, preserves and interprets objects and information of historical merit pertaining to the backgrounds of individuals and their way of life and customs in the greater New Milford area. It serves the residents and visitors to New Milford as a source of reliable information and seeks to stimulate interest in the culture and history of New Milford. If you are looking for information about what we hold relating to a relative or for any other genealogical purpose, start your search here. And we'd be happy to assist you further with searching our holdings.

The New Milford Historical Society & Museum has records on over 1800 historical figures from New Milford, to see what types of records we hold, and samples of our photographic holdings, scroll through the list, or start typing a name in the field, below. The shaded area indicates the type of materials we hold, just click on a holding to request more information from the Society.

We do provide directed genealogy services through our records for $25/half hour. Use the form below to make your request!
btw- the first half hour is free for members!

Start your search here, then feel free to contact us about identifying what we hold that relates to your ancestor. Genealogy Services $25/half hour ($20 for members)
Initial preliminary research is free. This is a simple search of a family name or other initial searches of documents or items. This first half hour is strictly for us to identify what we hold that relates to your ancestor.
Before we proceed past that initial review, we will contact you with an estimate of additional hours and a summary of what we hold. We do charge a small fee for creating digital scans of our holdings for you.
Copies 25 cents per copy
Digital scans 50 cents per copy
Members receive five free copies of either format
You can click the PayPal button to pay for the first search, right from your ancestor's name, or contact us for a more complete quote!

# of half hour increments
Your Ancestor's Name
TitleImageGiven NameSurnameBornDiedPhotoDocument
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  Jean Wellington Barlow 1927 2000
Marion Beach Barlow Marion Beach Barlow 1896 1980
  Amos Barnes 1788
  Andrew Barnes 1773 1858
  P T Barnum
  Isaiah Bartlett 1690
  Willis H Barton 1888 1957
Harrison Bassett Harrison Bassett
  James Battell
  Abijah Beach 1766 1847
Dea   Albert Beach 1793 1873
  Benajah P Beach 1820
  Benjamin B Beach 1785 1848
  Bruce B Beach
  Caleb Beach 1782 1823
  Charles Merritt Beach 1853 1928
  David Beach 1727 1807
  Ina Juliette Buckingham Beach 1861 1944
  Isaac Beach
  John Beach 1820
  Luther Beach 1801 1892
Merritt Beach Merritt Beach 1817 1896
  Rebecca Beach 1823
  Robert Beach 1760
  S Beach
  Susie Beach
  Charles Austin Beard 1874 1948
  David Beard 1762 1844
  Homer Beard 1791 1874
  Adalaide Peck Clark Beardsley 1844 1920
  Amos Beardsley 1793 1866
  David Beardsley 1712 1782
Rev   Edwin Beardsley 1823
  Everett Lewis Beardsley 1921
  John Beardsley 1732 1798
  Lemuel Beardsley
  Silas Beardsley 1764
  Stiles Beardsley 1755
  Timothy Beardsley 1746 1829
  Wells Beardsley 1750 1824
  Samuel Beebe 1672 1731
Dea   Eleazer Beecher 1707 1797
Rev   Eleazer Beecher 1773 1853
  Eleazer Jr Beecher 1732 1812
  John Beecher 1773 1862
  Nathaniel Beecher 1739 1809
  Stephen Beecher 1796 1853
  Stephen G Beecher 1832 1894
  Abijah Beers 1784
  George Beers
  James Beers 1728 1796
  James Jr Beers 1759 1790
  Josiah Beers
  Gideon Benedict 1710 1748
  Herman Benedict 1794
  Jesse Benedict 1758 1826
  Jesse Jr Benedict 1787 1863
  Jonathan Benedict 1723 1800
  Joseph Benedict 1685 1781
  Marshall Benedict 1819 1871
  Samuel Pitman Benedict 1722 1775
  Abijah Bennett 1752
Dea   Benjamin Bennett 1713 1792
  Caleb Bennett 1716 1790
  Charlotte Bennett 1846 1929
  Edith Bennett
Emily E Bennett Emily E Bennett
  Franklin Bennett 1827 1876
  Frederick G Bennett 1822 1897
  Gershom Bennett 1765 1815
  Isaac Bennett 1747
  Jasper Bennett 1769
  Mary Bennett
Capt   Orrin Bennett 1788 1858
  Willis F Bennett 1848 1926
  Canfield P Bennitt 1816 1861
  Edward Bennitt 1742 1803
  Elijah Bennitt 1776 1862
Rev   George S Bennitt 1849 1915
  Joseph Bennitt 1778 1853
  Martha Booth Bennitt 1847 1901
  Noble Bennitt 1842 1932
  Noble S Bennitt 1813 1875
  Stanley G Bennitt 1815 1847
  Truman Bennitt 1773 1853
  Benjamin Benson
May Turrell Bentley May Turrell Bentley
  Victor H Bernstein
  Nathan Betts 1758 1806
  William Betts 1736
  David Bishop 1732
  Ebenezer Bishop 1740 1806
Sarah Sanford Black Sarah Sanford Black 1841 1910
  William D Black 1836 1889
  Ebenezer Blackman 1779 1856
  Sheldon Blackman 1810 1879
  Clark Blackney 1764 1828
  William A Blackney 1797
  Jonathan Blakeslee 1733
Col   Charles D Blinn 1840 1883
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