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Past Exhibits

charter oak pin from the 1915 exhibit

Celebrating our 100th

In 1907, an exhibition was mounted in Memorial Hall in the Library, to celebrate the town's Bi-Centennial. The public was invited to bring in items directly associated with New Milford to be put on exhibit for all the towns people to see the rich history of their town. Almost 500 objects were chosen and put on display and was considered one of the most interesting collections of antiquities in the compass from a coffee bean, from the 1915 exhibitState of Connecticut. These interesting and precious heirlooms demonstrated the important role that natives of New Milford played in earlier times as merchants, travelers and missionaries. It has been said that the finest thing about this special exhibit was the "public spirit it exemplified." Many of the visitors of the exhibit expressed regret that such a remarkable collection had to be taken down so quickly and hoped that one day New Milford would have a permanent place to house these antiquities. By 1915, 8 years later, a group of prominent citizens came together, a board of Trustees was selected, the by-laws were written and the New Milford Historical Society and Museum was established. Today, it sits at the north end of the green and houses many of the original historical objects that were first exhibited in 1907.

Chief Waramaug: The Horse on the Porch

Chief Waramaug: The Horse on the Porch

For seven decades, a life-size, white display horse stood on the front porch of one of New Milford's longest operating, family-run businesses in the heart of town: S.D. Green Tobacco Chief Waramaug: The Horse on the PorchWarehouse.
Purchased by William and Sherman Dudley Green in 1918, the horse, later to be called "Chief Waramaug" arrived by rail from Peru, Indiana. His maintenance, visibility and celebrity is mainly attributed to Sherman's son, Perry Van Ness Green, who ran the business until its close in 1986, at which time, the horse was donated to the New Milford Historical Society.
In celebration of "Chief's" 100 years in New Milford, there is a small exhibit on display of rarely seen photographs from lenders and the archives.

The Lost Arts of Domestic Life: From Basic to Beautiful

Long before being green was a fashionable trend, earlier generations learned how to sew, spin their own yarn, make quilts, practice embroidery, garden and cook. These skills were not only part of a young girls education, but essential for everyday life. Everyday was "Earth Day" in the 19th century, when life revolved around the basics and being sustainable was a necessity, not a choice.The Lost Arts of Domestic Life

The Lost Arts of Domestic LifeOur spring 2014 exhibit, entitled The Lost Arts of Domestic Life: From Basic to Beautiful, explored some of these timeless skills, traditions and arts from earlier eras. Honoring the history of simple, artful living. Quilts, hand-sewn christening gowns and wedding gowns, samplers and beautiful dresses were on exhibit throughout the museum.
Vignettes of hearth cooking, sewing, ironing and washing were displayed. There were many simple delights to be dusted off and enjoyed once again

ART in Bloom


What happens when you combine art and beautiful decorative objects with flowers?
Art in Bloom at the New Milford Historical Society and Museum.

The Garden Club of New Milford celebrated their 90th Anniversary in 2013 and to commemorate this special event, we opened our season with a new exhibition and interesting programs focusing on flowers, art and gardening. We honored the past ninety years of civic improvement and beautification that the Garden Club has provided our town.

The exhibit was composed of beautifully set tables with exquisite china and silver from the collection, antique hats, dresses, jewelry and samplers; all inspired in some way by nature. The exhibition will also include highlights of the clubs activities and accomplishments throughout the years.

Visitors walked through our transformed galleries and enjoy the beauty of everyday objects as it relates to the splendor of our natural world, immersed in color and beauty as we eagerly anticipated spring!



The Water Witch Hose Company No. 2 celebrated their 150th Anniversary with many special events throughout 2013. The New Milford Historical Society & Museum prepared a special exhibition to commemorate this very important event and milestone in the history of New Milford. Throughout the museum, we had historic memorabilia on display. This included water witch hose companyold uniforms, photographs, trophies, firefighting tools and historical remnants from the Great Fire of 1902.

This group of volunteers has worked tirelessly throughout the years and has given endless hours of their time to make New Milford a better place to live.