See where your family fits in at the New Milford Historical Society

So much of the process of recording history revolves around ephemera, the little snapshots of everyday life that paint a picture of what living in a time or place were really like. This is why historians and archeologists are so fascinated by attics and middens, they are frozen moments in life. The New Milford Historical Society & Museum collects, preserves and interprets objects and information of historical merit pertaining to the backgrounds of individuals and their way of life and customs in the greater New Milford area. It serves the residents and visitors to New Milford as a source of reliable information and seeks to stimulate interest in the culture and history of New Milford. If you are looking for information about what we hold relating to a relative or for any other genealogical purpose, start your search here. And we'd be happy to assist you further with searching our holdings.

The New Milford Historical Society & Museum has records on over 1800 historical figures from New Milford, to see what types of records we hold, and samples of our photographic holdings, scroll through the list, or start typing a name in the field, below. The shaded area indicates the type of materials we hold, just click on a holding to request more information from the Society.

We do provide directed genealogy services through our records for $25/half hour. Use the form below to make your request!
btw- the first half hour is free for members!

Start your search here, then feel free to contact us about identifying what we hold that relates to your ancestor. Genealogy Services $25/half hour ($20 for members)
Initial preliminary research is free. This is a simple search of a family name or other initial searches of documents or items. This first half hour is strictly for us to identify what we hold that relates to your ancestor.
Before we proceed past that initial review, we will contact you with an estimate of additional hours and a summary of what we hold. We do charge a small fee for creating digital scans of our holdings for you.
Copies 25 cents per copy
Digital scans 50 cents per copy
Members receive five free copies of either format
You can click the PayPal button to pay for the first search, right from your ancestor's name, or contact us for a more complete quote!

# of half hour increments
Your Ancestor's Name
TitleImageGiven NameSurnameBornDiedPhotoDocument
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  Eli Starr 1763 1835
  Frederic Eli Starr 1832 1897
  Hannah Wanzer Starr
Col   Josiah Starr 1740 1813
  William E Starr
Col   William J Starr 1806 1903
  Nicholas Staub 1841 1907
  Benoni Stebbins 1689 1758
  Albert B Sterling 1836 1914
  David Sterling 1789 1870
  David Sterling 1810 1875
Capt   Ephraim Sterling 1743 1811
  Ephraim Jr Sterling 1778 1854
  Martin Sterling 1834 1894
  Samuel B Sterling 1805 1880
  Vincent B Sterling 1844 1928
  Peter Stevens 1731 1779
Dr   George Tayler Stewart
  Harriet Taylor Stewart
  Natalie Stewart
Hon   Thomas E Stewart
  Enoch Stilson 1732
  Flora Geer Stilson 1865
  John Stilson 1742 1821
  John Jr Stilson 1771 1831
  John Judson Stilson 1804 1871
  Moses Stilson 1705 1777
  Nathan Stilson
Dea   Nicanor Stilson 1776 1862
  Philo Stilson 1755 1787
Dea   Riverius Stilson 1744 1802
  Addison R Stone 1789 1825
  Asahel Stone 1736 1812
  Benajah Stone 1708 1757
Capt   Benajah 3rd Stone 1758 1825
  Benajah Jr Stone 1732 1773
Capt   Benjamin Stone 1739
  Benjamin Jarvis Stone 1815 1893
  Benjamin Jr Stone 1761 1823
  Canfield Stone 1765 1836
  Canfield Jr Stone 1796 1826
  Chauncey Gilead Stone 1788 1856
  Daniel Stone 1751 1834
  David Stone 1763
  Edwin Bailey Stone 1838 1913
  Elijah Stone 1770
  Harvey Stone 1806 1873
  Herman Stone 1793 1828
  Isaac Stone 1772 1850
  Isaac Stone 1787
  Ithiel Stone 1730
  Joel Stone 1777 1860
  Julius Stone 1754 1835
  Leman Stone 1775 1861
  Reuben Stone 1753
  Truman Stone 1767
  Walker Stone 1800 1828
  Wells Stone 1771
  Winifred Martha Stone
  Edna Stout
  Henry Straight 1742 1818
  Marshall Straight 1816 1899
  Charles Tom Thumb Stratton 1838 1883
  Harold Straub
  Henry Straub
  Barbara Weaver Street 1915 2010
  Adaline Buck Strong 1877 1969
  Robert P Strong 1876 1932
  John Jr Sturdevant
  John S Sturdevant 1798 1872
Mrs   Everett Sturges
  Richard Sudlow 1814
  Henry Sullivan 1846
  William A Sullivan 1820 1898
  Andrew Summers
  David Summers
  Samuel 3rd Summers
  Samuel Jr Summers
  Gaius Talcott 1736 1774
  Nathan Talcott 1705 1738
Maj Gen   Augustine Taylor 1755 1816
  Augustine E Taylor 1863
Dr   Charles Taylor 1829 1890
  Daniel Taylor 1733 1805
  Eli Taylor 1733
  George Taylor 1802 1881
  John Taylor 1777 1837
  Lawrence Taylor 1798 1857
  Nathan E Taylor
Rev   Nathaniel Taylor 1722 1800
  Nathaniel Taylor 1737
Col   Nathaniel Taylor 1753 1818
  Nathaniel 3rd Taylor 1773 1851
  Nathaniel W Taylor 1786 1858
  Thomas Taylor 1774
Col   William Taylor 1764 1841
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