The New Milford Historical Society and Museum announce that the museum will be closed to the public for tours during the months of January and February 2018. Along with the Curator and Registrar, a team of volunteers will be working on a collection storage rehabilitation project of the Main Gallery Attic. This project will include a major cleaning and re-organization of the museum’s primary collection storage area. Properly cleaning, cataloguing and re-housing the collection to create better access and to promote preservation of the collection according to professional curatorial standards is the goal.
Researchers can still make an appointment for access to our archives by calling the museum during regular business hours.


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All rights reserved
Our Records…

The New Milford Historical Society & Museum has records on over 1800 historical figures from New Milford, to see what types of records we hold, and samples of our photographic holdings, scroll through the list, or start typing a name in the field, below. The shaded area indicates the type of materials we hold, just click on a holding to request more information from the Society.

TitleImageGiven NameSurnameBornDiedPhotoDocument
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  Daniel Keeler 1806 x
Col   Hiram Keeler 1804 1877 x
  James H Keeler 1807 x
  Lyman Keeler x
  Stephen B Keeler 1773 1850 x
  Thomas W Kimlin x
Dr   Frederick King x
  Frank Kinney x
  Jacob Kinney 1707 x
  Jacob Jr Kinney 1742 x
  Rene Kinney x
  Starr Kinney x
  Knapp x
  Edwin Gavin Knapp 1795 1853 x
  Frederic Knapp 1826 1921 x x
  Harry Shepard Knapp 1856 1923 x x
  Joshua Knapp 1762 1829 x
  Levi Knapp 1768 1802 x
  Levi Philetus Knapp 1789 x
  Levi S Knapp 1801 1894 x
  Moses Knapp 1751 x
  William Albert Knapp 1796 1873 x
  Hiber Knibloe x
  Mabel Knibloe x
  A E Knowles x
  Arthur Knowles 1743 x
  Elizur Knowles 1763 1850 x
  James N Knowles x
  John Knowles 1802 1876 x
  Nelson Knowles 1806 1881 x
  William Knowles 1715 1794 x
  Ebenezer Lacey 1726 x
  Sylvia Lahvis x
  James Lake 1703 x
  James Jr Lake 1728 x
  Silas Lamson 1743 x
  William Lamson 1719 1794 x
  William Jr Lamson 1742 x
  Jared Lane 1745 1818 x x
  William Jared Lane 1789 1867 x
  Albert E Larson 1908 1994 x
Rev   Barnabas Lathrop 1738 1796 x
  Daniel Lathrop 1765 1861 x
  Maude Lathrop x
  Mabel Lawrence x
  Amos Leach 1740 x
  Jules Bourglay Leatherman 1889 x x
  Charles Taylor Lee x
Rev   Timothy J Lee 1853 x x
  Thomas Lewis x
  M Joseph Jr Lillis x
  Daniel Lines 1766 1837 x
  George H Lines 1844 1922 x
  Joseph Lines 1737 1792 x
  Philo Lines 1769 1814 x
  William A Lines 1809 x
  George Lockwood 1812 1868 x
  Josiah Lockwood 1766 1828 x
  Lyman Lockwood 1786 1824 x
Gen   John Alexander Logan 1826 1886 x
  Catherine Northrop Loomis x x
  Curtis Loveridge 1805 1877 x
  Noah Loveridge 1764 1831 x
Dr   Chauncey Lowry 1761 1803 x
  Elizabeth Lum x
  Samuel Lum 1706 1744 x
  Samuel Jr Lum 1733 x
  Henry Lupton x
  Lyon x
  Ephraim Lyon 1768 1812 x
  Noble Lyon 1796 1821 x
  Caleb Mallery 1681 1716 x
  Caleb Jr Mallery 1712 1784 x
  John Mallery 1715 x
  Mallett x
  John Mallett 1782 1852 x
  Thomas H Mallett x
  Bertha Mallory x
  Ethel Mallory x
  Lois Mallory x
  Mildred Mallory x
  Marsh x x
  Allen Marsh 1797 1863 x
  Amos Marsh 1764 1811 x
  Amos H Marsh 1783 1860 x
  Amos H Marsh 1860 1937 x
  Anan Marsh 1818 1871 x
  Bradley Marsh 1780 1824 x
  Charles E Marsh 1824 1909 x x
  Charles H Marsh 1839 1867 x x
  Chauncey R Marsh 1856 1919 x
  Daniel Marsh 1804 1886 x
  Ebenezer B Marsh 1830 1919 x
  Egbert Marsh 1830 1896 x x
  Elihu Marsh 1774 1853 x
  Elihu Marsh 1710 1784 x
  Elihu 2nd Marsh 1776 1830 x
  Florence Henderson Marsh x
  George M Marsh 1789 1858 x
  George W Marsh x
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