The New Milford Historical Society and Museum announce that the museum will be closed to the public for tours during the months of January and February 2018. Along with the Curator and Registrar, a team of volunteers will be working on a collection storage rehabilitation project of the Main Gallery Attic. This project will include a major cleaning and re-organization of the museum’s primary collection storage area. Properly cleaning, cataloguing and re-housing the collection to create better access and to promote preservation of the collection according to professional curatorial standards is the goal.
Researchers can still make an appointment for access to our archives by calling the museum during regular business hours.


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All rights reserved
Our Records…

The New Milford Historical Society & Museum has records on over 1800 historical figures from New Milford, to see what types of records we hold, and samples of our photographic holdings, scroll through the list, or start typing a name in the field, below. The shaded area indicates the type of materials we hold, just click on a holding to request more information from the Society.

TitleImageGiven NameSurnameBornDiedPhotoDocument
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  Jeremiah Platt 1718 x
  Jeremiah Platt 1747 1805 x
  Joseph M Platt 1822 1892 x
  Marshall S Platt 1804 1877 x
  Rebecca Canfield Platt 1825 1925 x
  Samuel Platt 1723 1783 x
  Sheldon Platt 1781 1847 x
  William Platt 1784 1817 x
  Plumb x
Dr   Henry Plumb x
Rev   John Plumb x
  Henry Pomeroy x
  John Porter 1726 x
  Libby Knowles Porter 1918 x
  Noah Porter x
  Philo Porter 1766 x
  Asa Prime 1753 1817 x
Dea   James Prime 1686 x
  William Prime 1717 1757 x
  Edward H Prince 1755 x
  Ethel Prince x
  Samuel Prince 1724 1787 x
  Samuel Jr Prince x
  Daniel Prindle 1709 x
  John Prindle 1705 x
  Samuel Prindle 1668 1750 x
  Samuel 3rd Prindle 1747 x
  Samuel Jr Prindle 1703 1763 x
  Pruchnik x
  Florence Elizabeth Quammie x
  Jack Ragsdale x
  Randall x
  Alice Couch Randall 1856 1884 x x
  Charles Randall 1764 x
  Charles Randall 1824 1895 x x
  Elizabeth Troxell Randall x x
  Henry Leroy Randall 1856 1909 x x
  Jeremiah Randall x
  Jeremiah J Randall 1755 1808 x
  John Randall 1791 1866 x
  Jonathan Jessup Randall x
  Mary Porter Randall x x
  Nathaniel Randall 1782 1848 x
  Richard Randall 1770 1854 x
  Timothy Randall 1756 1844 x
  John Read 1680 x
  Richard Reading 1830 1908 x x
  William Rehfield 1915 x x
  Reynolds x
  Sarah Reynolds x
  Thomas J Reynolds x
  Jonathan Rich x
  Edmund Richmond 1765 x
  Ephraim Richmond 1800 x
  Frederick S Richmond 1823 1903 x
  Paul Richmond 1902 1983 x x
  Seeley Richmond 1770 1838 x
  Seeley B Richmond 1828 1910 x
  Seeley B Jr Richmond x
  Truman Richmond 1790 1875 x
  William Richmond x
  Abraham Roberts 1759 1821 x
  Abraham N Roberts 1801 1858 x
  Benjamin Roberts 1724 1781 x
  Benjamin Roberts 1784 1847 x
  Eli Roberts 1692 1754 x
  Eli Roberts 1791 1850 x
  Eli Jr Roberts 1736 1805 x
Col   Gerardus Roberts 1790 1861 x
  Henry Roberts 1827 1903 x
  John Roberts 1762 1836 x
  William Roberts 1796 1888 x
Capt   William J Roberts 1836 1870 x
  Ambrose S Rogers 1815 1882 x
  Clarence Rogers x
  Juliette Rogers x
  Walter Rogg x
  Frederick Rolfes x
  Marguerite Rolfes x
  Nathan H Root x
  Ashbel Ruggles 1739 x
Capt   Benjamin Ruggles 1725 1760 x
  Benjamin A Ruggles 1758 1828 x
  Charles H Ruggles 1789 1865 x
  Charles W Ruggles 1839 x
  Hannah Bostwick Ruggles x
Capt   Joseph Ruggles 1701 1791 x
Capt   Joseph Jr Ruggles 1729 1802 x
Capt   Lazarus Ruggles 1730 1797 x x
  Philo Ruggles 1765 x
  Samuel Ruggles 1750 1795 x
  Timothy Ruggles 1738 x
  Arthur L Rydell 1885 1941 x
  Eunice Pelton Rydell 1887 1951 x
  Richard Sackett 1701 1771 x
  Sanford x x
  Andre Sanford 1781 1809 x
  Benoni Stebbins Sanford 1762 1816 x
  David Sanford 1769 1813 x
Judge   David C Sanford 1798 1864 x x
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Suggested admission is $5 for adults, $2 for students, and children under 5 are free, as are members.

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