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The New Milford Historical Society & Museum has records on over 1800 historical figures from New Milford, to see what types of records we hold, and samples of our photographic holdings, scroll through the list, or start typing a name in the field, below. The shaded area indicates the type of materials we hold, just click on a holding to request more information from the Society.

TitleImageGiven NameSurnameBornDiedPhotoDocument
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  Stephen Hine 1825 x
  Thomas Hine 1696 x
  Walter Hine x
  William Hine 1785 1865 x
  William H Hine 1816 1893 x
  Andrew Hinman 1790 x
Sgt   Titus Jr Hinman 1695 x
  Aaron Hitchcock 1743 1819 x
  Aaron Jr Hitchcock 1773 1834 x
  Isaac Hitchcock 1727 x
Capt   John Hitchcock 1716 1796 x
  Jonathan Hitchcock 1701 x
  Jonathan Jr Hitchcock 1727 x
  Nathan Hitchcock 1747 x
  Samuel Hitchcock 1672 1727 x
  Samuel Jr Hitchcock 1699 1774 x
  Albert L Hodge x
  Holcomb x
  Abel Hollister 1821 x
  Lucia Ruggles Holman x
  Laurence Honan 1909 1997 x
  Vladimir Horowitz x
  Hosford x
  Asahel Hotchkiss 1746 x
Dea   Ebenezer Hotchkiss 1796 x
  Solomon Hotchkiss 1742 x
  Hoyt x
  Emma Gilbert Hoyt x
  George Hoyt x
  Harvey B Hoyt x
  Henry R Hoyt x
  Irene Calhoun Hoyt x
  Sarah Minor Hoyt x
  William E Hoyt x
Dr   Hubbard x
  Hubbell x
  Clement Hubbell 1752 1839 x
Lt   Peter Hubbell 1715 x
  David Hull 1767 1822 x
  John Hull 1710 x
  John Jr Hull 1738 1808 x
  J E Hungerford x
  Josiah Hungerford 1774 1852 x
  Martin L Hungerford x
  Benjamin S Hunt 1817 1851 x
  Clark M Hunt 1857 1908 x
  Edward Hunt 1786 1873 x
  Edward Jr Hunt 1826 1882 x
  Gideon L Hunt 1812 1881 x
  Harold I Hunt x
  John W Hunt 1848 x
  Kirjath A Hunt 1790 1873 x
  Lewis Hunt 1750 1807 x
  Mark W Hunt 1819 1881 x
  Merritt Hunt 1831 1914 x
  Robert L Hunt 1874 x
Rev   Enoch Huntington 1801 1876 x
  Abraham Hurd x
  Catherine Hurd x
  Edwin Sanford Hurd x
  Emily Adeline Judson Hurd x
  Frank Hurd x x
  Frederick Hurd x
Dr   George Hurd x
  Phineas Hurd 1732 x
  William Hurd 1728 x
  Gamaliel Hurlbutt 1738 x
  William Hutchins x
Capt   Briggs Ingersoll 1761 1830 x
Lt   CharlesN Irwin x x
  Henry C Ives x
  Nettie Baldwin Ives x
  Herman Izzard x
  Alice Baldwin Jackson x
  Cornelia B Jackson x
  David Jackson 1717 1754 x
  David Jr Jackson x
  Eldad Jackson 1788 x
  George H Jackson x
Rev   Henry Jackson 1739 1790 x
  Henry Jr Jackson 1786 1861 x
  Uri Jackson 1733 x
  Harvey Jennings 1810 x
  Lawrence Noble Jennings 1839 1909 x
  Lemuel Jennings 1773 x
  Ralph S Jennings 1833 1886 x
  William S Jennings x
  Charles H Jessup 1832 1891 x
  James Jessup 1762 1817 x
  Jonathan Jessup 1795 x
  Carl Edwin Johnson 1874 1956 x x
  Clara M Johnson x x
  Ethel Johnson x
  Harold Johnson x
  Isaac Johnson 1768 x
Ens   Moses Johnson 1740 x
  Peter Johnson 1740 x
  Seymour J Johnson 1864 1939 x
  Solomon Johnson 1695 x
  Philip Kappel 1900 1981 x
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