The New Milford Historical Society and Museum announce that the museum will be closed to the public for tours during the months of January and February 2018. Along with the Curator and Registrar, a team of volunteers will be working on a collection storage rehabilitation project of the Main Gallery Attic. This project will include a major cleaning and re-organization of the museum’s primary collection storage area. Properly cleaning, cataloguing and re-housing the collection to create better access and to promote preservation of the collection according to professional curatorial standards is the goal.
Researchers can still make an appointment for access to our archives by calling the museum during regular business hours.


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All rights reserved
Our Records…

The New Milford Historical Society & Museum has records on over 1800 historical figures from New Milford, to see what types of records we hold, and samples of our photographic holdings, scroll through the list, or start typing a name in the field, below. The shaded area indicates the type of materials we hold, just click on a holding to request more information from the Society.

TitleImageGiven NameSurnameBornDiedPhotoDocument
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  Ezra Botsford 1743 1805 x
  Jonathan Botsford 1711 x
  Jonathan Jr Botsford 1742 x
  Lena Botsford x
Capt   Nathan Botsford 1713 1792 x
  Jules (Leatherman) Bourglay x
  Martha Boyd x
  James Bradshaw 1724 x
  John Bradshaw 1718 x
  William Bradshaw 1734 x
  Eleazer Taylor Brewer 1816 1898 x
  Annie Brindley x x
  Daniel Bristol 1750 x
  Isaac B Bristol x
  Marian Barlow Brown x
  William G Brown 1843 1914 x
  Abram Brownson 1707 1744 x
Capt   Benjamin Brownson 1735 1803 x
  Jacob Brownson 1711 x
  Josiah Brownson 1715 x
  Micah (Michael) Brownson 1707 1779 x
  Noah Brownson 1739 1812 x
  Peter Brownson 1717 1776 x
  Roger Brownson 1680 1758 x
  Roger Jr Brownson 1702 1789 x
Dea   Samuel Brownson 1675 1733 x
  Samuel Jr Brownson 1721 x
  Thomas Brownson 1704 1772 x
  Thomas Brownson 1725 1802 x
  Isaac Brownwell x
  Buck x
  Abishur Buck 1725 1760 x
  Adaline Buck 1877 x x
  Alice Buck x
  Alice Bostwick Buck x
  Alice Glover Buck x
  Asaph Buck 1762 1848 x
  Ebenezer Buck 1718 x
  Elizabeth Bostwick Buck x
  Enoch Buck 1683 x
  Ephraim Buck 1729 1802 x
  Ezekiel Buck 1699 1745 x
  Frederick T Buck x
  James Buck 1726 1793 x
  John Buck 1731 x
  Jonathan Buck 1679 x
  Jonathan Jr Buck 1708 x
  Joseph Buck 1706 1757 x
  Joseph Leroy Buck 1842 1906 x
  Moses Buck 1711 x
  Salmon Buck 1766 1851 x
Dea   Samuel B Buck 1751 1834 x
  Seymour Buck 1801 1882 x
  Susan Hill Buck 1814 1904 x
  Theodore Buck 1795 1873 x
  Urania Buck x
Capt   William Buck 1723 1778 x
  Buckingham x
  A S Buckingham x
  Abel Buckingham 1745 1827 x
  Abel Jr Buckingham 1776 1825 x
  Benjamin Buckingham 1736 1819 x
  Benjamin W Buckingham 1776 1862 x
  Botsford W Buckingham 1823 1887 x
  Charles Buckingham x
  Elvira Wheaton Buckingham 1828 1907 x
  Ephraim Buckingham 1782 1809 x
  Esther Buckingham x
  Gilbert Buckingham 1785 1845 x
  Harmon Buckingham 1802 1839 x
  Harry Buckingham 1813 1878 x
  Herbert Buckingham x
  Herman Buckingham 1793 1855 x
  John Buckingham x
  Joseph Buckingham 1778 1857 x
  Lillian Buckingham x
  Martha Buckingham x
  Nathan B Buckingham 1767 1845 x
  Nathaniel Buckingham 1775 1834 x
  Ralph Buckingham 1827 1915 x x
  Royal Buckingham 1820 1901 x
  Sheldon Buckingham 1803 x
  Sherman Buckingham 1793 1832 x
  David Buell 1757 1841 x
  Samuel Buell 1791 1874 x
  Epaphras W Bull 1779 x
  Minnie Lake Bull x
  Polly Wells Bull x
Sgt   Benjamin Bunnell 1679 1749 x
  Reneldo Burden x
  Wolcott Burnham 1760 x
  Andrew Burritt 1741 1836 x
  Daniel Burritt 1731 x
  Allan Burroughs x
  Daniel Cable 1746 1831 x
  David Cable 1750 1805 x
Frank T Cable Frank T Cable 1863 1945 x
  Louise Stewart Bartlett Cable x
  Caldwell x
  Edith E Caldwell x
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Suggested admission is $5 for adults, $2 for students, and children under 5 are free, as are members.

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