Curator's Corner

New Milford Historical Society President Ted Hine reads the re-dedication of the Edgar I. Williams Memorial Garden.

We need peace - so we come to the garden for quiet.
We need joy - so we come to the garden for our senses -
the green of leaf, the rich crumbling smell of soil,
and the scent of pine needles, the sounds of small life, of chipmunks and birds,that come and go in all places natural,
the rough texture of gravel, the delicacy of a flower petal.

We need to let things go - so we come to the garden for rest,
We need hope - so we come to the garden to watch things grow
reminding ourselves to be planters
and to enjoy what others have planted.

We need benches where we can begin to relax and unwind.
We need paths to help us recognize our own journeys.
We need commitment to the environment,
a global commitment that calls us to action,
but we also need a small square of real earth
to root our speeches and to get our hands dirty.

We need community - so we come to THIS garden
to give and receive a shared blessing
from the hand of the Sower of seeds.